Our new adventure


Our first released App is an additional app to our game NOBLE HORSE CHAMPION. Get to know and combine all possible horse colors with paints, pattern, head and leg markings.


A complete horse business simulation with unique and realistic graphics. Train your horse and win with him in versatile competitions in over 8 disciplines. Breed your own foals and offer them for sale to other players.
Make your stud famous in the whole world.

Regular events and updates complete the gaming experience.


If we can support them with our expertise, please feel free to contact us. We will advise you individually and send you a non-binding offer.
We are also happy to support you in the long term.


Your external perception. Branding is what other people say about you and your company when you are not there.

Search engine optimization

Be found. The more websites are uploaded, the more important it is that you become visible and stay that way.

Web Shops

Sell your products online and reach your customers and target groups. Paired with a good SEO you open up completely new possibilities

Social Media

A company without a presence on social media virtually doesn't exist. Use our expertise to gain relevance on all platforms.

User Experience

A division that receives far too little attention. Usability is essential, but the importance only becomes clear when the UX is poor.


Responsive websites for all devices and applications with interactive elements and of course adapted to your corporate identity.